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Welcome To Hitex composite (Ningbo) Co.,Ltd
Hitex established in 2002, is a leading manufacturer and supplier of fiberglass products for the applications of transportation, chemical engineering, architectural engineering, heat insulation, sound absorption, etc. Hitex engages in the export of fiberglass yarn and roving, fiberglass chopped strand mats. fiberglass woven roving,fiberglass fabrics etc...................

Main Products

  • Assembled Roving for SMC
      Assembled Roving for SMC is high performance E-glass rong designed for structural SMC where the roving is chopped and mixed with the resin to which thickening agent and initiating agent have been added.
  • Direct Roving
    Direct Roving for Filament Winding, Pultrusion, Weaving is an E-glass roving produced by directly winding a certain number of individual fibers from the bushing without twist.
  • Chopped Strand Mat
    Fiber Glass Chopped Strand Mat is an non-woven fabircs consisting of randomly distributed chopped strands held together with a powder or emulsion binder.
  • Woven Roving Combo Mat
      E-Glass Woven Roving Combo Mat are compatible with polyester, vinylester, phenolic and epoxy resins. The product is used most widely in the boat industry and typical end-use applications include FRP boat hulls, Laminates, automotive housings, cooling apparatus and structural shapes.
  • Multiaxial Fabrics
    Description Multiaxial fabrics is non-crimp, multi-axis and multi-layered reinforces. Layer count, orientation, weight and fiber content of the layers vary based on product line and application. The layers Fabrics are stitched via polyester yarn.
  • fiberglass yarn
    Description: E-glass or C-glass Fiberglass yarn, Using glass yarn ball as the raw material, with advanced production technology and equipment, strict management and scientific detection
  • Basalt Multi-Axial Fabric
    Basalt multi-axial fabrics can be used for closed moulding technologies like RTM and vacuum infusion.
  • surfboard fabric
    This surfboard fabric is strong,durable and lightweight that is designed to provide superior handling and cleanliness to insure a smooth manufacturing process.
  • UD fabric
    UD fabric is made of fiberglass roving by the weaving machine,and it can be warp unidirectional fabrics or weft unidirectional fabrics.This product is deal for make the wind-blade by using hand lay up or vacuum bagging process.
  • S glass fiberglass
    HS-glass high strength glass fibers made from the magnesium alumina silicate glass system meeting the needs of military application have been developed and put into volume production.
  • High silica glass fiber
    Silica fiberglass fabric has properties of high strength, easy to process, widely application, used for high temperature, insulation, sealing and ablation resistant material. The thickness is 0.1-1.5mm, weave in plain or satin, coating is available by customer’s order.
  • basalt chopped stand
    basalt chopped stand has two types:basalt geo for asphalt concrete and basalt geo fiber for cement concrete.This two kinds basalt chopped stand have different uses.
  • AR glass
    AR Glass, as known as alkali-resistant glass fiber ,has a high degree of corrosion resistance in the environment of cement and other alkaline medium.
  • fiberglass geogrid with CE
    Typical Uses: Increase the fatigue life of bituminous pavements Control rutting of pavements subjected to high trafficking Construction of new highways Maintenance and repair for asphalt pavements
  • stitched fabric
    The stitched fabric has allowed for faster fabrication of parts with better physical and mechanical properties.The stitched fabric is no any binder,no intersections of weft or warp,no crimp.
  • stitched mat
    fiberglass stitched mat is binderless characteristic,provides fast,thorough wet-out.The chopped strand length is 5cm or 10cm,10cm for pultusion to improve the strength.
  • fiberglass needled mat
    The fiberglass needled mat is a kind of material which is the fiberglass crossing the space without orders.Since it is the new material for reinforce,it is popular with the Auto,FRP,Pultrusion and GMT fields.
  • fiberglass composite mat
    The product is combined with continuous strand and chopped strand.fiberglass composite mat has the characteristics of both continuous strand mats and chopped strand mat.fiberglass composite mat is widely used in FRP,RTM and molding.
  • e-glass muti-end roving
    applying for pultrusion process and filament winding process. applying for unsaturated polyester resin and vinyl resin.
  • 3D woven fabric
    3d woven fabric is formed bu multi-layer connected by the Z-core fibers.its advantages including high strength,high stiffness,impact resistance,heat and sound insulation,lightly self-weight.

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we are manufacturer of fiberglass,ceramic fiber composite and insulation material

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