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Fiberglass Roving


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  • SMC roving
    1.Applicable for SMC 2.Compatible with unsaturated polyester. 3.Silane sizing.
  • e-glass muti-end roving
    applying for pultrusion process and filament winding process.
    applying for unsaturated polyester resin and vinyl resin.
  • roving for CFRT
    Roving for Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics is used for CFRT process. Fiberglass yarns were outside unwound from the bobbins on the shelf and then arranged in the same direction
  • E-glass spray up roving
    Spray up roving in specially designed to achieve excellent performance for spray up molding of fiberglass reinforced thermoset plastic products such as bathtubs boat shells,tub-shower units,storage tanks,pipes,automotive parts and cooling towers,etc..
  • Direct Roving
    Direct Roving for Filament Winding, Pultrusion, Weaving is an E-glass roving produced by directly winding a certain number of individual fibers from the bushing without twist.
  • Assembled Roving for SMC
      Assembled Roving for SMC is high performance E-glass rong designed for structural SMC where the roving is chopped and mixed with the resin to which thickening agent and initiating agent have been added.
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