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Fiberglass Yarn

C-Glass or E-Glass yarn is twisting rayn with the characteristics of high strength,

corrosion resistance, heat resistance and little moisture absorption, etc. 


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  • fiberglass yarn for weaving
    Fiberglass yarn is made from 4-9um fiberglass filaments which are then gathered and twisted into one finished yarn.It is widely used in productions of fabric as finished well as electrical wrapping materials,engineering materials,textured yarn,woven electronic grade fabric and so on.
  • texturized yarn
    Texturized yarns can be used for filter-cloth and thermal insulation fabrics instead of asbestos products,also new application for the pultrusion process.
  • basalt fiber yarn
    Continuous basalt textile yarn is made of multiple basalt strands by primary twisting (usually the filament diameter is under 9μm). Continuous basalt textile yarns can be divided into weaving yarns and industrial yarns, and weaving yarns are usually made into cylindrical or milk bottle shape packages.
  • fiberglass spun yarn
    Features:1.High filter efficiency 2.Corrosion resistance 3.High temperature resist
    fiberglass spun yarn is used for spinning wire, wire coating, mine blowing up blasting fuse, acid medium FRP and engineering plastics reinforcement material.
  • fiberglass yarn
    E-glass or C-glass Fiberglass yarn, Using glass yarn ball as the raw material, with advanced production technology and equipment, strict management and scientific detection
we are fiberglass material supplier
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