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Carbon fiber


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  • Carbon fiber veneers
    Features:high strength,light weight,chemical resistance,easy handing.
    Applicatons:automotive,button,zippo,luggage,phone housing,etc.
  • carbon fiber panels
    Features: high strength,light weight,chemical resistance.
    Applications:the machine parts’processing of aerospace,mold,automotive,metals etc.
  • unidirectional carbon fiber fabric
    Carbon Fiber Fabric is made of carbon fiber by woven unidirectional, plain weaving or twill weaving style. The carbon fibers we use contain high strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight ratios.When properly engineered, carbon fabric composites can achieve the strength and stiffness of metals at significant weight savings.
  • Carbon fiber fabric
    We use pan-bansed carbon fiber to make fabrics ,this fiber can be widely used in heat insulation materials ,airproof materials,electric materials,shield materials,biology materials,sport goods and etc.
we are fiberglass material supplier
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