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A geogrid is geosynthetic material used to reinforce soils and similar materials.

Geogrids are commonly used to reinforce retaining walls,as well as subbases or subsoils below roads or structures.Soils pull apart under tension.Compared to soil,geogrids are strong in tension.This fact allows them to transfer forces to a large area of soil than would otherwise be the case.

Grogrids are commonly made of polymer materials,such as polyester,polyethylene,or polyproylene.They may be woven or knitted from yarns,heat-welded from stripes of material,or produced by punching a regular pattern of holes in sheets of material,then stretched into a grid.


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  • fiberglass geogrid with CE
    Typical Uses:
    Increase the fatigue life of bituminous pavements
    Control rutting of pavements subjected to high trafficking
    Construction of new highways
    Maintenance and repair for asphalt pavements
  • polyester uniaxial geogrid
    Typical Uses:
    Segmental Retaining Walls (SRW)
    Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls
  • polyester biaxial geogrid
    Polyester geogrids are made of high strength, high modulus and low shrinkage polyester yarns. The yarns are coated with a PVC material to resist biological degradation. It has a high resistance to creep.
  • paving grid
    Paving grids are composed of a fiberglass grid that is bonded to a nonwoven paving fabric. They are designed for use in asphalt and concrete pavement to prevent reactive cracking, water harm to subgrade foundation, and add reinforcement to paved structure.
  • reinforcement geocomposite
    Typical Uses:
    Reinforced steep slopes
    Retaining walls
    (Un)paved road and parking area stabilization
    Railway foundations.

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