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  • S-glass fabric
    S-glass is generally used for polymer matrix composites that require improved mechanical properties compared to E-glass based composites. This is often the case when the bmaterial is operated under more extreme conditions.
  • Glass fiber continuous filament strand mat
    Glass fiber continuous filament strand mat is a new fiberglass reinforcement product.The mat is made from continuous filament strands randomly looped and boned together with polyester emulsion binder.It is used in pultrusion and model molding processes.
  • fiberglass yarn for weaving
    Fiberglass yarn is made from 4-9um fiberglass filaments which are then gathered and twisted into one finished yarn.It is widely used in productions of fabric as finished well as electrical wrapping materials,engineering materials,textured yarn,woven electronic grade fabric and so on.
  • texturized yarn
    Texturized yarns can be used for filter-cloth and thermal insulation fabrics instead of asbestos products,also new application for the pultrusion process.
  • AR glass chopped strand
    Alkali-resistant glass fiber has a high degree of corrosion resistance in the environment of cement and other alkaline medium.It can be used to reinforce cement gypsum and other inorganic materials.Light in weight and high in strength,GRC is suitable for skyscrapers,civil engineering,gardens,etc.
  • Carbon fiber veneers
    Features:high strength,light weight,chemical resistance,easy handing.
    Applicatons:automotive,button,zippo,luggage,phone housing,etc.
  • carbon fiber panels
    Features: high strength,light weight,chemical resistance.
    Applications:the machine parts’processing of aerospace,mold,automotive,metals etc.
  • multicore fabrics
    multicore fabrics is the trade name of the multi-layered combination mat.It consists of a synthetic non-woven core or woven fabrics,sandwiched between chopped glass fiber ore woven fiber and stitch together.
  • vacuum bag sealant tapes
    excellent elongation and heat ageing characteristics,excellent tack,the vacuum bag sealant tapes can available with most substrates.
  • e-glass muti-end roving
    applying for pultrusion process and filament winding process.
    applying for unsaturated polyester resin and vinyl resin.
  • fiberglass surface mat
    1.avoid seep for building top material 2.heat insulation material 3.A-grade surface material.
  • 3D woven fabric
    3d woven fabric is formed bu multi-layer connected by the Z-core fibers.its advantages including high strength,high stiffness,impact resistance,heat and sound insulation,lightly self-weight.
  • milled glassfiber & carbon fiber
    Milled glass fiber & carbon fiber could be used widely as material for improving the mold properties of all sorts of composites and their physical properties.It displays effectiveness particularly when used in R-RIM,FRTP and also in coatings and gel coats to prevent cracks.
  • Surface (CB/SB) Mat
    Characteristics: uniform fiber dispersion, smooth surface, soft hand-feeling, low binder content, fast resin impregnation and mound obedience.
  • roving for CFRT
    Roving for Continuous Fiber Reinforced Thermoplastics is used for CFRT process. Fiberglass yarns were outside unwound from the bobbins on the shelf and then arranged in the same direction
  • fiberglass continuous strand mat
    fiberglass continuous stand mat is a non-woven reinforced material. It is made through cutting the continuous roving. The end products are boats, laminates, bathing equipment, cooling tower, etc. Area weight ranging from 100g/900g/. Width can be from 20cm320cm. Binder is Powder or Emulsion.
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