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How to Fiberglass With Epoxy Resin

How to Fiberglass With Epoxy Resin

Applying fiberglass with epoxy resin is a simple process. The epoxy resin comes in a two-part mixture with the adhesive contained in one mixture and the hardener in the other. When the mixtures combine, they set up very quickly, which is ideal for fiberglass. The most important thing to remember is that you must apply the resin quickly before it dries and work with small batches of resin.


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      Mix enough of the two-part resin mixture so that you can apply the resin within 30 minutes. Any batch of resin used after 30 minutes will harden and be impossible to use. Typically, it is best to mix a quart or less of epoxy at a time. Each sheet of epoxy must dry before applying the next layer, so make sure to only mix as much as you need for each coat.

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      Apply a seal coat of resin over the wood or other material that you want to coat with fiberglass. Use a foam roller to apply the resin coat. Use a thin coat, similar to the thickness of regular paint. Allow the resin to dry for 15 minutes. Apply a second seal coat to any areas where the resin absorbed into the base material. Allow the coat to dry overnight.

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      Wipe the surface of the resin with denatured alcohol and a soft cloth. Wear safety gloves and goggles when working with fiberglass. Cut the fiberglass to the correct shape with scissors and lay over the seal coat of resin. Hold the sheet in place with masking tape.

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      Coat the fiberglass with enough resin to tack the fiberglass to the base material. Use the foam roller to apply the resin. Allow the resin to dry until you can touch it without it feeling sticky.

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      Apply a fill coat of resin to the fiberglass. Fill in the holes of the fiberglass with additional resin and a paint brush. Allow the resin to harden overnight.

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      Apply additional layers of fiberglass in the same method. Always apply the fiberglass with a bond coat, then use a fill coat to fill in the holes.

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      Apply a finish coat over the last layer of fiberglass. Apply a layer of resin over the fill coat with a paintbrush. Allow the fiberglass to dry for 24 hours. Sand the fiberglass lightly with an orbital sander to smooth the surface of the resin.

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