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Product Detail - UD fabric

UD fabric

15 days
wrapped in PVC and placed within a cardboard carton.Positioned securely on to a pallet,strapped an covered.

Product Description

UD fabric is made of fiberglass roving by the weaving machine,and it can be warp unidirectional fabrics or weft unidirectional fabrics.This product is deal for make the wind-blade by using hand lay up or vacuum bagging process.

Fabric Width:100mm-1270mm

Nominal Roll Weight:According to width

Traceability:All fabrics are identified with a unique style number and all rolls produced have unique bath numbers.

Labelling:All rolls of material have a label placed within the core,on the roll and on the carton for clear identification.




Weft unidirectional(90)


Weft unidirectional(90),chopped glass fiber


Warp unidirectional(0)


Warp unidirectional(0)


Warp unidirectional(0),chopped glass fiber


Woven unidirectional,with or without hot melt yarn                     

UD fabric

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