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Chopped Carbon Fiber

Carbon Content: 95%
Tensile Moduous: 228GPa
Density: 1.75g/cm3
Electrical Resistivity: 1.0-1.6Ωcm
Diameter of Fiber: 7μm
Sectional Shaoe: Round
Bulk Density: 0.4g/cm3
Standard Length: 1mm-100mm

Chopped Carbon Fiber is made of carbon fiber filament chopped by fiber cutting machine, its basic performance depends mainly on its raw material carbon fiber filament. Staple fiber has the advantages of uniform dispersion, variety of feeding methods, simple process, etc., can be applied to special areas not suitable for carbon fiber filaments.


l  Reinforce the modified plastics such as nylon(PA), polypropylene(pp), polycarbonate(PC),phenolic(PF), polyterafluoroethylene(PTFE), polyimide(PI),etc.

l  Construction: reinforce the materials like cement, conductive coatings paint.

l  Electric field: can be used to produce conductive paper, electric panels, conductive FRP, needle mat, etc.

l  Insulation material: carbon fiber reinforced refractory brick, carbon fiber-reinforced ceramics

l  New energy:fuel cell electrodes

Technical Data:

Chopped Carbon Fiber

Carbon Content:95%

Tensile Strength:3500MPa

Tensile Moduous:228GPa


Electrical Resistivity:1.0-1.6Ωcm

Diameter of Fiber:7μm

Sectional Shaoe:Round

Bulk Density:0.4g/cm3

Standard Length:1mm-100mm

With Resin/Without Resin

* Specific products could be made according to customers’requirements.