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Fiberglass Combo Mat

Combo mat is made by stitching together woven roving and a layer of chopped glass fiber.It is compatible with polyestwe,vinyl ester,phenolic and epoxy resins.


Combo mat is widely used in pultrusion,hand lay-up and RTM process. Combo mat widely used to produce FRP boat hulls,automotive housings and doors,laminates.cooling apparatus and structural shapes.


Item No.


WRM   500/300

Woven roving 500g/m2,chopped glass   fiber 300g/m2 

WRM   600/300

Woven roving 600g/m2,chopped glass   fiber 300g/m2

WRM   600/450

Woven roving 600g/m2,chopped glass   fiber 450g/m2

WRM   800/450

Woven roving 800g/m2,chopped glass   fiber 450g/m2

WRM   1200/300

Woven roving 1200g/m2,chopped glass   fiber 300g/m2

*Specific products could be made according to customers’requirements.