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Peel Ply

Density: 85g/m2
Color: White

This is a tough, lightweight, woven nylon fabric that will not stick to cured epoxy. Squeegee over wet epoxy laminates. The excess epoxy will soak through the peel ply. After cure, remove the peel ply and you are left with a surface that is ready for painting or secondary bonding (needs no sanding). Use Peel Ply cut into strips to cosmetically finish fillets, molded chines, and seams.


l  Peel ply easily strips off of cured laminate leaving a textured surface, reducing time spent hand finishing

l  Lower cost tightly woven fabric reduces material cost and is easier to remove than other peel plies

l  Red pin stripes make fabric more visible to minimize risk of leaving in place after cure





Nylon   66-85g/m2


Nylon   6-85 g/m2


Nylon   6-105 g/m2


Polyester   95g/m2

Tolerance of Width:100mm~2000mm

Traceability:All fabrics are identified with unique style number and all rolls produced have unique bath numbers

Labelling:All rolls of material have a label placed within the core,on the roll and on the carton for clear identification