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Polyester Fiberglass Composite Mat

Polyester fiberglass composite mat is made of the high temperature resistant polyester fiber and the high strength fiber to mix shaping impregnating airing and sinding -up. This unique material combination makes it have two kinds of raw material merits. The manufactured composite felt has the physical and chemical properties such as the high strength,high toughness, easily osmosis and corrosion resistance. It overcomes the defects that the polyester felt easily deforms and shrinks as well as the defects that the glass fiber felt has not extensibility and has floor tearing resistance.


Mat is widely used in the construction and renovated the expressway airport runway and the bridge''''s surface preventing the road surface''''s crack and water osmosis to length the road''''s use life lower the maintenance cost. It is a new material of road surface''''s crack resisting and strengthening.


Product No.

Area Weight(g/m2)

Binder Content(%)

Tensile Strength MD(N/5cm)

Tensile Strength CD(N/5cm)











* Note: The product most greatly extra wide may reach 2200mm. It is possible to be cut by need of users.